What shoes to choose according to the shape of your foot?

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I've decided to touch on another topic that is relevant to everyone - what shoes to choose according to the layout of the toes?

There are all sorts of feet around the world, but in my experience I usually have see Egyptian, Greek and Asian (or otherwise “orient”) finger layouts, and that’s what I’ll talk about more.

The owners of the Egyptian toe layout can be happy as they can wear pointed shoes or boots without any problems. The descending toes in the pointed shoe do not "converge" in one place, so there is no discomfort due to the pressure of the fingers, and there is less likelihood of developing so called "halux valgus" ("exit" of the finger joint to the outside).

Greek and Asian (or otherwise " orient ") toe owners, however are not so lucky and shokd not choose pointed shoes because of the aforementioned development of "halux valgus", one of the causes of which is constant toe pressure (It is good that the current fashion is favorable for such shoes), the toes of the wider front shoes are not compressed and therefore not injured!

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