"Mas Laus" x "Ūkai" presents a new joint project

We may be a small business and not able to make a big impact on a global scale, but we believe in a bright future even in the face of strong ecological anxiety. From zero-emission production solutions to the choice of sustainable packaging paper, we strive to become an example for others - a more responsible, sustainable brand.

With a clear mission to inspire people to change, we carefully select the other brands we would like to collaborate with. Last year, the sock manufacturer "Ūkai" caught our attention, which not only uses sustainable raw materials in production, but also contributes to the recycling of 51 plastic bottles with each pair of socks purchased.

Fifty bottles are recycled in cooperation with a plastic bank, and one of them is used in the production of a pair of socks, so by purchasing the product, we contribute to the cleaning of our only and beloved Earth. We believe that such creators of innovation and modern products are a gift to humanity and nature, so we decided that we should try to create something unique that matches the design of Mas Laus shoes, so that our customers will really move towards conscious and slow consumption with every step.

"Small steps towards big changes. Let's walk through life together with "Mas Laus" sustainable products."

Gintarė Maslauskienė, creator of the limited edition socks design for "Mas Laus" and "Ūkai", the creative director of "Mas Laus" shared that she has long dreamed of style accents that match the shoes she creates: "I have long wanted to create accessories that would perfectly match our footwear collections. I created the socks design inspired by "Nature" and "Chunky sneakers" shoe models, which are very versatile and loved by customers. The result was a very interesting, style-fulfilling accent that everyone should have in their closet."

As a family business, we have clear values. We want everyone to avoid impulsive shopping and poor quality purchases that they will regret in the future. We only make products that are of high quality and long-lasting, so we invite everyone to step into the future with small steps towards big changes. Let's walk through life together with Mas Laus sustainable products. We will be launching our new limited edition sock designs and our new spring/summer footwear collection soon.

"Chunky sneakers" & "Nature"

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