How are genuine leather shoes different from artificial or vegan leather?

I think we've all wondered at least once what the difference between genuine leather and vegan/artifcial leather shoes is.

Firstly lets look at what each is : 

Genuine leather is the secondary raw material left over from the slaughter of animals, and is usually the skin of cattle, cows, goats or sheep. Because the skin was once an animal, it has elasticity, pores and is durable.
Artificial leather, meanwhile, is made of synthetic or natural fabric, which is coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), in other words plastic or polyurethane (PU), to mimic natural leather, which is currently more commonly used in manufacturing. Artificial leather is not so elastic, has no pores, nor is it long-lasting, but in nature, the decay process takes over 1000 years.
With at least minimal familiarity with these leathers, we can compare genuine and artificial leather shoes. Genuine leather shoes easily adapt to the foot due to elasticity and the shoes do not lose their shape and aesthetic appearance. The pores in the leather ensure air circulation in the shoe, so the foot "breathes" and does not sweat, as well as the durability of the shoe lasts for many years (if properly maintained).
Vegan/artificial leather shoes often lose their shape quite quickly due to the inelasticity of the leather, the foot in the shoes sweats because the artificial leather is not breathable, and wears out faster, so shoes made of vega leather last relatively short time.

So all in all, if you support slow and sunstaible fashion at least for now the genuine leather shoes are way more sustainable and environmentally friendly that those made of vegan leather. As well as it is better for your feet. 

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