How to take care of shoes and keep them looking brand new?

Shoe care is the most important part of ensuring that your purchased shoes last a long time. Of course, the first and most important thing is to buy high-quality shoes, because using good care products will definitely not turn a low-quality shoe into a high-quality one. But if you have already purchased high-quality shoes, our advice will definitely help you take care of them. We have been making and repairing shoes since 1996, so in more than 25 years of work we have accumulated enough experience and can share it with you. Also at the end of the text you will find a list of products we use ourselves.

Before we start talking about taking care of the shoes, let's start with one fact that most people don't know. When storing shoes for summer or winter, always store them in a cool, dry place. But before you put your shoes away for a few months, be sure to clean them with a cleaning foam. After the shoes have dried, nourish the leather by applying a leather cream. And again, make sure they are dry! Also, never leave your shoes to dry near or on top of a radiator, as this can damage the shoes. Always let them dry naturally.  

We will distinguish the care of shoes according to the types of leather, because each type of leather requires different care. But first let's start with what should be used for all shoes without exception. All shoes, regardless of their leather type, should use a protective impregnant. The highest quality protective impregnants create either a synthetic membrane on the shoe leather or cover it with nano particles. They will not only protect the shoes from dirt, but also protect them from water and salts, because it is those two that are one of the most damaging things for leather, especially dangerous for suede. Also, for water resistance, you can use a special water resistance cream, which absorbs into the skin and protects it even if you get into a heavy rain or accidentally pass through a huge puddle.

  • Smooth leather care

Maintenance of smooth leather is quite simple. The first step after purchasing the shoes is to make sure the shoes are dry and apply cream to the entire leather with a soft cloth or brush , and let the shoes dry for at least a few hours. Leave them to dry overnight if possible.

Once the shoes are dry, the next step is wax. Spray all the shoes with wax and use a polishing cloth to work the wax into the leather. The wax will give the leather a shine and protect it from scratches. And again let the shoes dry naturally. 

Well, the last step, as we mentioned above, is to spray the shoes with a protective impregnant. Repeat the first and second steps every 2-3 weeks, and you can use the protective impregnant more often.

  • Patent leather care

For the care of patent leather, we recommend using products created only for shiny leather. Which restores the original properties of the leather and maintains the air permeability of the skin. Also hides small interferences. For cleaning, use a soft cloth that is slightly wet and wipe the leather well. Make sure the skin is dry and clean before using the renewing agent. Rub this with a soft tissue and let it dry.

Once dry, spray with a protective impregnant, just like smooth leather or suede!

  • Suede Care

Suede leather is the most difficult. It is particularly vulnerable to rainy weather, so it is necessary to use a protective impregnant and a water-resistant product much more often.

For suede cleaning, use a universal cleaning foam and clean the entire leather with a soft sponge.Most of the time, the universal tool is suitable for all leather types, so it doesn't matter if the shoes are completely suede or a mixture of several leather types, you can clean all leather types. After cleaning, let the shoes dry. 

Once the suede is dry, spray all the shoes with a protective impregnant that will protect the suede from moisture and dirt. 

A very important thing about suedes - if while walking down the street you see dirt stuck on your suede boots, do not clean it immediately. Allow the dirt to dry before using a cleaning foam and a sponge to clean it. When cleaning wet dirt, you can rub it into the suede itself and then it will be much more difficult to clean! 

  • The prodcuts we use

We use Collonil footwear care products for our shoes, who have been making them for over 100 years, since 1909. We trust these products because we have used them for over 15 years on all our products, so we have tested them on various shoes and different types of leather. You can also purchase these tools from us.

A few tools we use most often:

We also want to share some advice on questions we often get. One of the most common questions is the care of white soles. We probably all have at least one pair of shoes with white soles, so the question is really relevant. We use two tools that help us keep the white soles in their original color for a really long time. In particular, we use a protective impregnant for white solesCarbonwhich creates a protective barrier and prevents discoloration by creating a synthetic membrane. But of course, impregnation alone is not enough. We clean them at least once a week or two with Carbon White Sole Cleanerwhich refreshes the color and removes dirt.

An equally interesting question is how to remove bad smell from shoes. To solve this problem, a few years ago, our partners created shoe deodorant Breeze, which really effectively removes all odors.

  • Mandatory shoe care products for every home 

The tools that can be used are really many and varied, we have listed quite a few of them in this text. But in order to have well-maintained shoes, it is enough to have just a few tools: a protective impregnant, a leather cream, a polishing cloth and a high-quality brush. You can choose the Exclusive Kit in our store and you will have all these tools, which will definitely be enough to take care of most shoes for quite a long time. 

Another optimal option, with which you will take care of your shoes for a long time and with quality, would be to purchase the following tools: Carbon Pro, Nano Foam, Leathers Cream, Brush.


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