Innovative and sustainable steps of "Mas Laus", reminding about climate change

Around the world, hot days are getting hotter and more frequent. Temperatures have risen at record highs over the past decade, but existing changes are not enough to stop or slow it down. "Mas Laus" aims to become an example for others, therefore, not only has it adopted a zero-emission production policy, but also aims to cooperate and promote other brands that focus on sustainability and innovation.

One such brand is "Ūkai". Its founders not only use sustainable raw materials in production, but with every pair of their socks purchased, the customer contributes to the recycling of 51 plastic bottles. Fifty bottles are recycled in cooperation with a plastic bank, and one is used in production. Such creators of innovations and modern products are a gift to humanity and the Earth, therefore, socks with an exclusive design that match the footwear created by "Mas Laus" have been created. The aim is that with each step, customers would actually walk in their own footsteps towards conscious and slow consumption.

Gintarė Maslauskienė, creator of the limited edition socks design for "Mas Laus" and "Ūkai", the creative director of "Mas Laus" shared that she has long dreamed of style accents that match the shoes she creates: "I have long wanted to create accessories that would perfectly match our footwear collections. I created the socks design inspired by the "Nature" and "Chunky sneakers" shoe models, but the design pattern and color choice have a deeper meaning."

According to Amber, heat waves caused by climate change increase mortality and people are under a lot of stress. Benas Maslauskas, director of "Mas Laus", seconded her: "when it is not possible to cool down at night due to high air temperature, great discomfort is felt, and working outside on such days can cause serious health problems. It is a global problem and we want to remind you about it not only with sustainable solutions, but also in the design of the socks, which ripple like heat waves, and the colors reflect the desert of the Earth."

"This is a global problem and we want to remind you about it not only with sustainable solutions, but also with the design of socks that ripple like heat waves and the colors reflect the desert of the Earth."

Although "Mas Laus" manufactures footwear by hand in Lithuania, there are not many, in fact, too few, such brands that follow the complicated and long path of creating innovations in fashion. We believe that our message about heat waves and climate change, which we expressed in the way we do best - through the work of "Mas Laus", will touch more people.

We have clear values ​​and we want everyone to avoid impulsive shopping and poor quality purchases that they will regret in the future. Socks "Desert" meet the highest production standards and are a more durable and durable product created by the designer, which invites us to walk with each of us on the most beautiful walk - life. Contributing to the preservation of the Earth for future generations in small steps.

You can view the socks here.

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