5 reasons why quality shoes are so expensive

Today I will try to answer this, one of the most frequently asked questions. There are many reasons, but today I will cover the 5 main reasons for the high price.

1) Experienced craftsmen and labor

Only experienced specialists in their field can make high-quality shoes. As in any other industry, their salaries are high. 95% of the best quality shoes are made in Europe and America, so labor costs are much higher than making shoes of questionable or average quality in India or China.

2) Materials

Simple, but often forgotten. In order to make the highest quality shoes, it is necessary to use the highest quality materials that the customer cannot see. They are hidden inside the shoes and are the main factor in ensuring the quality, comfort and durability of the shoes. And the prices of high-quality leather are even 3-4 times higher than the usual ones used for simple shoes.

3) Research and Development costs

The most popular and high-quality shoe designers create new models every day and constantly produce experimental products. For example, we create more than 50 models for each collection, and 8-12 models are included in the final collection that customers see. Experimentation is necessary to check not only the design and how it looks made, but also for comfort, quality and ergonomics. Each new model must meet a long list of criteria. A lot depends on the quality of the shoes, low-quality shoes can even lead to diseases, spine and leg injuries, so the process is extremely responsible.

4) Unique ideas

If you were to create unique, unseen products every day, what kind of income would you expect? I think you would really value your work very much. Just like designers who create shoes. Standing out in the fashion industry is extremely difficult, but mandatory. Otherwise, you will quickly disappear in a large mass. Therefore, exceptional design must go hand in hand with quality. High quality alone is not enough, there must be more, and that more is usually a unique design.

5) Advertising

In this case, we will rely on our own experience and that of brands similar to ours. The majority of customers notice fashion brands through advertisements on social networks. And they are quite expensive. On average, one customer who will buy a pair of shoes can cost from 25 to 60 euros. So this is a fairly large part of the price.

Greetings from Kėdainiai,

Ben Maslauskas

Mas Laus 


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