5 biggest myths about shoes

I want to break the 5 biggest myths about shoes! Some of them are even dangerous for your health.

1. Soft shoes are the best choice for feet

Soft shoes are comfortable, but not a good choice for long walks. The softer the shoes, the less strength and support the foot has. Ultra-soft soles reduce your foot's reaction to and muscle work, which can lead to knee, hip, foot or spine problems over time.

2. The lighter the shoes, the better

The myth came from sports shoes to everyone else. The lightness of casual shoes has nothing to do with their comfort or quality. On the contrary, in most cases, the lighter the shoes, the less support materials are inside them, so the shoes wear out quickly and become uncomfortable. And it causes more stress on our feet, due to too soft and too light materials. Most quality shoes are neither light nor heavy, maintaining a good balance.

3. The lining of winter boots must be made of natural fur

Modern man no longer needs natural fur. The majority of manufacturers have already abandoned natural fur in their production, and others will abandon mana in the coming years. Much more efficient and better winter linings have been developed, the production of which does not require the killing of animals.

Natural fur warms, but causes unpleasant sweating of the feet, and with innovative warming, the feet are not only as warm as with fur, but also breathable.

4. Sports shoes are also suitable for free

Running or training shoes are designed to be used exactly as intended. They are definitely not suitable for walking, although it may appear that they are really comfortable. Sports shoes put your foot in a shape ready for training - it lifts your heel, stretches your toes and squeezes them side by side. They are also extremely light and soft, so you already know why this is not good from the points above. Therefore, I recommend using this type of shoe only for its intended purpose.

5. Both our feet are the same

The majority of people in the world have unequal feet, sometimes they are even different in size. Often people do not feel it, because the height or width of the lift is different. But people with symmetrical feet are a minority.

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