Bespoke orders

We started our journey of handmade shoes from individual, bespoke orders, so we have 25 years of experience in producing shoes. Until 2017 our main business were bespoke orders for people who appreciate handcraft and exceptional quality, for those who want an exclusive, one of a kind design. 

Moreover, we can make footwear for people with foot problems, for example for people with one foot shorter than the other. Or for those who just have a hard time finding the right shoes because of the size, width or curves of the foot.

If you have a dream of shoes made especially for you and adapted only to your feet, we invite you to contact us. Only by wearing shoes specially designed for you will you feel what a wonderful feeling it is.

We have many years of experience in the production of wedding shoes, we can create shoes for both bride and groom, that can be matched and are perfect for everyone personally, who will not only look impressive, but will also be so comfortable that you will dance all night long without even thinking about changing your shoes!

  • The Production of men's shoes, depending on the chosen leather and other details: from 350 to 500 euros.
  • Production of women's shoes, depending on the chosen leather, shoe length and other details - from 350 to 700 euros.

The production of bespoke orders can take from two weeks to 3 months.

For more information call +370 615 62624, or email us at

Under the Civil Code, Article 6.22810 (2) (item 3) - goods that have been produced to the individual order of the buyer are non-refundable. However, various corrections, alterations and corrections are possible.

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