In our family, the traditions and secrets of shoemaking and handmade shoe production are passed down from generation to generation. The second generation of Maslauskas family is currently designing and producing footwear in our workshop.

All our shoes are made according to the principles of sustainable fashion. We use only the genuine leather and the highest quality materials. Every shoe is designed and made by our hands from the sketch to the final product. 



Žanas and Jurgita Maslauskas started their footwear repair and production workshop with a dream of one day having their own shoe factory, which was Žanas's wedding promise to Jurgita.


<transcy>The first collection by Žanas Maslauskas</transcy>

Brave and creative shoemaker  presents his first collection. Every shoe model was not only designed but also handcrafted by his own hands. The most famuos fashion, business and show business people were present at the first fashion show of Žanas, and they are all surprised by his debut collection. In the same year, he was awarded the prestigious "Light of the Year" award by National Television of Lithuania for believing in his idea. Also the most prestigious fashion magazine in Lithuania "Stilius" recognized him as the  debutant of the year in Lithuania fashion world.


<transcy>Benas and Ginarė joins family business</transcy>

Žanas's dream, that that one day his business would be taken over by his oldest son Benas comes true. He does it together with his then-future wife Gintarė. Žanas shares all of his creative and modeling knowledge with Gintarė, who becomes our head designer. While Benas takes over the knowledge of craftmanship and management and becomes the head of the production and the whole company.


<transcy>First shop</transcy>

After Benas and Gintare joins the business, the dream of the first Mas Laus shoe store was revived in the Maslauskai family. After more than a year of hard work, increasing production capacity and negotiations with banks, our first store opened its doors on December 22, 2018.


<transcy>Žanas passes away</transcy>

Lithuania said goodbye to Žanas. He was just 44 years old, and passed away on August 30th, 2019, after a long battle with his disease.  His work is continued by his family, just as he taught them. 



Benas and Gintarė Maslauskas are married in Palanga. The second generation of Maslauskas family shoe designers and manufacturers. 

<transcy>Designer Gintarė's</transcy>

<transcy>SECRETS ABOUT SHOES</transcy>

<transcy>Bespoke production</transcy>

Our story of shoemaking began with the creation and production of bespoke orders. We are one of the most experienced shoemkaers in the Baltic States, so we can create unique shoes of your dreams, from wedding shoes to exclusive boots made according to all your foot and calf measurements and preferences.

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