Repair of footwear

Mas Laus is a fashion house where shoes are born. Everything is known about shoes, their comfort and the latest trends in footwear fashion. Shoes are not only designed and manufactured here, but also repaired.

All of our shoes are designed so that we can not only wear them for a long time, but update them over time, change the soles or even some shoe details and resurrect them for a second life and wear for a couple more years!

We are probably the most modern shoe rule in Lithuania, with reliable and long-term experienced craftsmen.

The main headquarters of "Batų namai" is located in Kėdainiai, where the largest and most modern shoe rule in Lithuania operates, which can offer a myriad of different shoe repair services.

"Shoe House" salons are already located in several cities:

  • Ozo g. 18, PPC "Ozas", Vilnius.
  • H. Manto g. 22, "Herkus Gallery", Klaipeda
  • Didžioji st. 39, Kėdainiai.

Frequently Asked Questions