Our story

We are the second generation of shoemakers and we are proud of that. Žanas Maslauskas started the shoemaking history of the Maslauska family back in 1996, so it is believed that he is the most famous footwear designer in Lithuania.

The dream of the second generation of shoemakers

Mas Laus empowers people to express their genuine personality through authentic footwear. The heritage and mastery passed from generation to generation allow combining the best of craftsmanship with rebellious design to create brave, outstanding, and timeless shoes.

If Mas Laus design will be a head-turner, the promise of comfort will definitely win hearts and feet. We focus our efforts on making each step a delight, therefore comfort and aesthetics are equally important for us in order to fit the contemporary 24 hr rhythm of a cosmopolitan.     

From humble beginnings in 1996, as the second generation of Mas Laus, we have the drive and the vision to leave a most positive mark in your personal journey, hoping that you will truly enjoy walking with us.

Mas Laus

Walk with us!